Language Services

Banner – University Care Advantage (B – UCA) provides language assistance services for our members at no cost. Our services include language interpreter services and translation assistance. We can also provide printed materials in another language or in a different format, such as larger print.

Language Interpreter Services

B – UCA provides language interpretive services for non-English speaking members at no cost. If you cannot speak to us or your provider because of a language barrier, please contact our Customer Care Center. We can arrange for a telephonic interpreter to help.

Need an appointment with your provider? We can connect you with a telephonic interpreter to help schedule your provider appointment.

Sign Language Services

By calling B – UCA, we can assist with connecting our members to qualified sign language interpreters.

Translation Assistance

If you receive member materials or communications from B – UCA and need to better understand the materials, please contact our Customer Care Center. We will help coordinate the translation of the material sent.

Call us and let us know if we have overlooked anything that is important to you. We will try to help, including setting up appointments with Sign Language services. We want you to be comfortable with the people and services that make up B – UCA. We will also try to find you a primary care provider (PCP) in your area that speaks your same language if available.

Other Formats

If you need a member material or other B – UCA communications in a different format, such as braille, large print or other alternate formats, please contact our Customer Care Center.

TTY (Text Telephone)

TTY stands for Text Telephone, and is also known as TDD, Telecommunication Device for those who are deaf. TTY services in the state in Arizona are provided through the Arizona Relay Service 7-1-1.

TTY is a free, 24-hour service for those who are deaf, hard of hearing, or speech impaired. To contact our Customer Care Center, TTY users should call 711. For more information on TTY, please visit

Cultural Diversity

We value the many people who live in the areas we serve. We understand that there are many different lifestyles and ethnic backgrounds in the counties that we serve.

B – UCA understands that your health is affected by your beliefs, culture, and values. We want to help you keep and maintain good health and good relationships with doctors who understand your needs. If you feel that there is a problem, please contact us. We will help you find a provider who will better understand your personal needs.

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